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Danvers Family Festival

Becoming A DFF Partner

Danvers Family Festival offers multiple Partnership Opportunities. To us, you are not merely a sponsor, but an integral part of our year-long effort. We will look to you to participate as you wish in our event planning, public communications, Award recognitions, etc. We want to embrace your company as a true ‘partner’.


We have several levels of Partnership, from the Chairman’s Partnership, through Steering ($7,500), Director ($5,000), Business ($2,500), and Personal Partnerships ($1,000).


Each Partnership level has varied benefits. Partnerships can be a combination of monetary donation, and goods and services needed by DFF for our functions. For example, In exchange for your $10,000 Contribution as a Chairman’s Partner, the Danvers Family Festival Board of Directors would be pleased to provide your Company with the following benefits:


• Your Company will be recognized as the Official “Service or Product Vendor” e.g., “The Official Healthcare Provider of the 20xx Danvers Family Festival”. The PRODUCT of your choice can be on display at our 3 key DFF events: Endicott Park Day, Danvers Field Day / Scoop-ahhh-bowl, and Oldies Night.

• Your Company banner will be hung at Endicott Park Day, Danvers Field Day / Scoop-ahhh-bowl, and Oldies Night, and you are welcome to have informational booths at any of them as well, and give away samples or branded merchandise.

• You will receive six (6) complimentary tickets to the Kick Off event for the festival, the Danvers Clambake, and six (6) complimentary tickets to our Party on the Veranda event at the Danversport Yacht Club.

• As a way to facilitate your encouragement of employees to give back to their community, we would be happy to allow them to be our Company Volunteer Day staffers at Endicott Park Day, Danvers Field Day / Scoop-ahhh-bowl, and Oldies Night.

 • DFF will be presenting our Partners with their Partners of Excellence awards at a Partners Recognition Ceremony in the fall, where you or a representative of your organization would be invited to speak, not only about your philanthropic ideals, but your business philosophy as well.

• Your Company will be recognized in a 12 column inch ad in the Salem News, on the Partners page of our website, (along with a link to your website on this page as well), and a two-page ad in our Ad Book (The Salem News will distribute our books to their subscribers approximately two weeks prior to the festival, and local merchants and town offices will offer the balance of the 10,000 complimentary copies printed).

 • Additionally, your Company will be recognized as a Chairman’s Partner in all of our press releases, as well as our DCAT presentations.


If you are interested in learning more about our Partnership levels, please contact John Call at 978-739-9004.

The Board of Directors work on the Family Festival Fundraising year round.

Thank you!